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10 keys to understanding the maintenance of your vehicle
20 octubre, 2017

During winter, because the low temperatures the cars need special cares, so the owner must prepare it for this time of the year, scheduling maintenance periodically, so the car don’t deteriorate faster than usual.

AGA Autorepair has some important advices for you to consider during this season:

Before you go out driving your car

  • Check the tires pressure, since with the low temperature their pressure decreases; that is why during this season, they must be filled with air more than usual.
  • As usual check periodically the engine levels, but this time, if it is necessary add antifreeze to the coolant liquid.
  • Check the windshield wipers, because if they accumulate much dirt they won´t clean the windshield correctly.
  • Check the alternator, reviewing that the battery is recharging correctly while the car is on, since the low temperature can affect its performance.
  • Winter is very foggy, that is why is very important to check the lights are in perfect condition.
  • The low temperatures humidify the environment and the asphalt; that is why we recommend waxing the car exterior at least once a month.
  • The humidity in the asphalt, due to the low temperatures, forces you to apply more pressure to the breaks as usual, that is why is important to clean, regulate the breaks, and check the break fluids more often during winter.
  • The car must have a well functioning heating system, not just to heat the inside of the car, but also to demist the car windows.

When you are about to go out driving your car 

  • Turn on the engine 5 minutes before driving it. This guarantees that the engine fluids reach the adequate temperature.
  • If the windshield and the other windows have ice on them, make sure to clean them properly, if you don’t do it there is a risk that you cannot see anything when driving.
  • Never put hot water to unfreeze the ice of the windows, it can break the windows out.

A very important recommendation during all times, specially during winter, keep you car inside a garage or an indoor place. In severe cold places, the battery can damage as well as the bodywork and the car painting.

Applying regular maintenance and having the necessary precautions during winter, enables you to drive safely. In AGA Autorepair we are committed with your safety, offering a free diagnose of your car, as well as 100% guarantee, car repair services and maintenance.

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