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13 septiembre, 2017
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31 octubre, 2017

10 keys to understanding the maintenance of your vehicle

The number of kilometers a vehicle travels determines how often a car is serviced. There are preventive maintenance related to minor mechanical work and major tuning that is performed every six months or every certain mileage.

In AGA AutoRepair we recommend you to make a correct diagnosis and preventive maintenance in order to keep your vehicles safe and reliable at all times, not only to prevent deterioration, also, to avoid mechanical failures that can lead to accidents and mishaps in the road.

Here we recommend ten keys to take into account when performing the maintenance of your vehicle:

  • The maintenance of a vehicle has to be done every 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 thousand kilometers, regardless the model or brand of the car.
  • Every time check the air filter, oil filter and engine oil should be changed.
  • Also, in each revision, check the inflation pressure of the tires and the wear of the tread of each of them.
  • In each maintenance the wheels of the vehicle must also be rotated to avoid traffic accidents and the premature wear of the tires.
  • The oil, brake, water, hydraulic, differential and gearbox levels must be checked every 10,000 kilometers. Be very careful, not checking these levels, may result as serious breakdowns because of this oversight.
  • Every 20,000 kilometers, it is mandatory to align and balance the tires of a vehicle, but if the car has suffered a crash or the tires have suffered blows or some other type of abuse, it is necessary to check them as soon as possible.
  • At 30,000 kilometers, it is essential to carry out the first inspection of the brake pads of the vehicle. In addition, the parking brake tension must be checked.
  • You cannot forget the electrical system of the vehicle. At each review, ask them to check the front and rear lights of the car to avoid mishaps in the night driving and traffic tickets for having one or more faulty lights.
  • At 40,000 kilometers, ask for the systems of synchronization and suspension review. It is fundamental for the correct functioning of the other systems of the car.
  • Perform these reviews in a certified workshop that provides you with the right services to check that your vehicle is in excellent condition.

At AGA AutoRepair you will find qualified personnel for the correct maintenance of your car. We achieve customer satisfaction by reducing the margin of error and guaranteeing every service and maintenance of your vehicle. We serve from Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 7PM. We are a company specialized in the diagnosis and repair of vehicles of all brands.

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