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13 septiembre, 2017
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10 keys to understanding the maintenance of your vehicle
20 octubre, 2017

First, make sure you read and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Not following these recommendations may void your vehicle’s warranty.

* For example, almost all manufacturers recommend using synthetic oil in their engines; this provides better protection and stability when driving in extreme temperatures.

* Apply a good coat of wax to your vehicle. A properly waxed vehicle is protected against grain, dirt that can damage the finish as well as preventing oxidation.

* Clean the radiator occasionally. Remember that you can spray the radiator to get rid of any insects and dirt housed in the radiator.

* Check the air filter every 3-months. Remove it and hold it against the sun. If you don’t see any light coming through, you need to get the air filter replaced. A dirty air filter may affect your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.

The good news is that new vehicles require less maintenance and they don’t even have the long running of cars a generation ago.

We take into consideration factors such as make, model and daily use. Call us to for more accurate advice: AGA Auto Repair  (720) 298 8296

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