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AGA Auto Repair is a company specialized in diagnosing and repairing vehicles of all makes and models.

Our mission is to establish a professional relationship with our customers to help them keep their vehicles safe and reliable.

We do our best to build our customers’ trust every day and we have been doing this for 10 years.

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Computerized Engine Analysis


Diagnosis and Repair

AGA Auto Repair achieves customer’s satisfaction by eliminating the margin of error and backing up every job with our 100% warranty.

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  • Diagnosis
  • Computerized Engine Analysis
  • Emissions Testing
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  • Transmission Maintenance
  • Full Tune up
  • Differential services
Transmission Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Belts and Hose Inspection
  • Batteries
Headlight Restoration
  • CV & Drive Axle
  • Brake Service & Systems
  • Cooling System Maintenance
Brake Service & Systems
  • Exhaust
  • Fuel Injection Service
  • Headlight Restoration
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  • Oil, Lube, and Filter
  • Free charger system check
  • Shocks and Struts
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  • State Inspections
  • Timing Belt
  • Safe Inspections
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  • Suspension



  • car maintenance
    Aurelio is very helpful and responsible, he explains us the details of the job he is about to perform on our vehicle and he gives us maintenance tips to keep our car running and avoid any issues with it in the future.
    John Howard - October 22, 2016
  • auto repair near me
    AGA AutoRepair presta un buen servicio y es económico. Yo tengo un Toyota Corolla 2015. Me gusta hacer el cambio de aceite en AGA porque es como si fuera directamente a Toyota, ofrecen buenos productos y la asesoría es en español. Yo recomiendo a AGA AutoRepair.
    Mónica Galindo. - November 11, 2016
  • auto repair near me
    AGA Auto Repair provides a good service and it fits my budget.  I have a 2015 Toyota Corolla. I like getting oil changes at … because it is just like taking it directly to Toyota. I recommend AGA Auto Repair.
    Steve Sanders. - November 11, 2016
  • car maintenance
    Recomiendo los servicios de AGA Auto Repair, Aurelio es muy servicial y cumplido, nos explica con exactitud los pormenores del trabajo que se va a realizar y nos aconseja cómo mantener el carro para evitar posibles daños en el futuro.
    Gael Garcia. - October 22, 2016


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20 octubre, 2017

10 keys to understanding the maintenance of your vehicle

The number of kilometers a vehicle travels determines how often a car is serviced. There are preventive maintenance related to minor mechanical work and major tuning […]

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